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Drinking Chocolate – Not Your Average Powdered Cocoa

by shop4chocolate_admin

When people think of hot chocolate what comes to mind is usually the powdered cocoa, powdered milk, and sugar mixes that comes in tins or individual packets. Sometimes they’ll even come with those little dehydrated marshmallows everyone loves. Connoisseurs may prefer the gourmet brands which can give you a lovely rich and creamy cup of cocoa. However that’s not the only way to enjoy your chocolate in the form of a drink… How about drinking a cup of chocolate that was made from solid chunks?

Cocoa beans have provided us with an enormously versatile and tasty ingredient. Having started out as a spicy and bitter beverage in Mayan and Aztec history, then moving onto a sweeter one in Spain and the rest of Europe, the chocolate drink has evolved throughout the ages. Originally the beans were fermented, roasted, and ground, then the drink was brewed and spices were added. However, melting down blocks of chocolate has become another option to get your hot chocolate fix.

Using smooth, solid chocolate pieces to make your cup of hot cocoa may be a welcome change to the hot chocolate beverage you’re used to. Melting down your chocolate and heating it with whole milk, water, and sugar will give you a new outlook on an old drink you’ve always enjoyed.

Once you’ve got the melted chocolaty drink base ready, you can add unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon, or any number of flavoured syrups to customize it to your tastes. Milk will tone down the intensity of the strong chocolate taste so use as little or as much as suits your palate.

Get creative with your chocolate concoction! Zest it up with some orange peel garnishing or try it spicy like the Mayans and Aztecs drank it. Adding different liqueurs could give it the extra kick you’re looking for as well. Any block of chocolate can be melted down so if you have a favourite type you love to eat, try it as a drink!

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